Sunday, July 23, 2006

Well, Saturday was a day of learning, the lessons were twofold

Lesson 1. Don't fall off Bridges !
Mountain biking at 7:30 Saturday morning I managed to fall off a little footbridge, 2 railway sleepers and perform a classic "over the front wheel and handlebars, eat some mud" tumble, a bit shaken up but nothing serious, Much mirth from my companions who, I think saw it as some compensation for the immensely prickly gorse scrub I'd routed us into.

Lesson 2. Fifty year old men shouldn't jump off 2 metre high walls... while chasing seventeen year old boys to throw into the swimming pool... after consuming a number of glasses of champers.
Says it all really, I've a heel like an aubergine. And we had an invitation to either a Hog roast or to Cowdray for the Gold Cup final.

Never mind, we now have a Sunday of

1, Making pancakes with/for 8 tiny ladies, ChaCha ,Tatjana and all the sleepover guests from Tatjanas party yesterday
2, Sunday Papers, Bacon and Eggs - with Mrs Stuffy
3, Guitar practice - with Cha Cha
4, Playing Eets on the computer - with Cha Cha
4a, and blogging when it's her turn
5, Cooking 2 free range organic chickens (a £17 impulse purchase) in Riesling for around 10 returning Gold Cup spectators.
but mostly
6, Hobbling


At 10:31 pm, Blogger toffer tomas said...

who was the 17 year old boy you were chasing? I thought I was the only one to be chasing young men


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