Friday, April 04, 2014

Captain America, a bit of a ring doughnut, if you know what I mean,

Captain America, The Winter Soldier, it's a bit of a ring doughnut, if you know what I mean, 

You don't? 

OK let me explain, it's a veritable coruscating cornucopia of action, car chases, plane rides, jumping, crashing, car crashing, plane crashing, fighting, kicking, bashing, banging and crashing. 

It's a Marvel comic book story but, (and here's the analysis during our drive home), the chap who plays Captain America (Chris Evans) is just not engaging.

 I'm told he's pleasing to the eye of the ladies but he doesn't have the charisma (or the well-written amusing lines) of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Emsworth as Thor or even Christian Bale as Batman, they've all got charisma in bucket-loads but as the key figure he is out-acted and outshone whenever he shares the screen with Samuel L Jackson or Scarlett Johansen. 

Hence the analogy, it's a well executed, thickly glazed, satisfying sugar rush, a delicious treat with a bit of a vacancy in the middle.

But still very enjoyable...

A patriotic Haiku

Predictable fun
Americas favourite son, 
Delivers, well done...

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