Sunday, July 30, 2006

Les Vacances
Off for a few days, Heading for Dover this evening for a ferry to Calais, then an overnight drive to the Dordogne, staying with the Pa and stepMa of Mrs Stuffy, swimming, eating, drinking and taking it easy then a couple of nights at Disney-Paris, which should be fun for Cha and Tatjana. Tatjana is coming with us as company for Cha, (very important as I find it increasingly unpleasant being thrown around in theme park rides). A couple of days is short enough not to overdose on sacharinne and schmaltz. I always see DIsney as an great place to observe truly excellent marketing and management and I usually glean some good anecdotes, lessons for future re-use in workshops and presentations. We're back through the tunnel, would have gone both ways but discovered that although the ChaCha has been to France some 16 times in her 11 years she's always flown or LeShuttled, so it's adventure and excitement on the high seas for this evening. Avast there ya salty knaves, Yarr !


At 9:01 am, Blogger MarkMcL said...

Stuffy (or am I allowed to use your real name?)

Hope you had a good trip and brought back some nice wines. You are now on my blogroll so, of course, expect a flurry of hits (TFIC).



PS I recommend turning on the comment verification *before* you get hit by comment spam.


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