Monday, August 01, 2011

Movie Review - Captain America, he's no Captain Jack Sparrow but engaging nonetheless

The linking together of comic book hero movies continues apace with the latest in the Marvel franchise the story of the original Avenger, played by a digitally skinnifieded (then digitally musclified) Chris Evans (he was the most rubbishy one in the rubbishy Fantastic four).

As with the recent X-men movie one of the most attractive things about this film is the representation of the style, the look, of the era and this movie captured the 1930's feel very nicely.

It's a silly film, of course, but very well made and doesn't worry too much about believability, focusing instead on a series of episodes of frantic comic book action interspersed with vignettes of folksy moralising. Chris Evans is likeable but undemanding, Stanley Tucci (who I always thought deserved an oscar for Julie and Julia) briefly impresses as the good (and wryly amusing), Doktor and Hugo Weaving makes an impressive baddy but never really convinces one that the good guy won't win in the end.

Nicely played end sequence by the way with (Samuel L Jackson) which sets up the scenario for Avengers film which will hit the screens next year.

Would you like a hell-bound haiku?

Power corrupts so
Give it to the nice chap,
a nasty nazi



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