Monday, June 13, 2011

Movie Review - X Men First class, second thoughts, third rate ?

Now I am, as you'll know my loyal follower, not averse to a comic book superhero movie so I dragged Mrs Stuffy, kicking and screaming, to the local magic picture house to enjoy or (in her case) tolerate the prequel to X-men, Xmen 2 and Wolverine, all, to my mind, fine films, (X-men final stand, hmm, not so much).

The latest in the franchise is produced by the team behind the excellent Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughan and Jane Goldman. Although it's a pleasant enough movie it felt, to me, to be lacking something and I spent a sleepless night trying to work out what was wrong with it.

The issue, I suspect, is the prequel trap, George Lucas fell into it big-time and now Matthew Vaughan has too.

We know what's going to happen, we know the outcomes, who these folk will turn into and we're looking for clues, pivotal predictable moments, we don't, almost by definition get surprises. In addition it's the tale of young superheroes, therefore mostly played by young actors, as a result the characters feel thin, unformed, unimpressive. The look of the movie, early James Bond, works fine, it's nicely judged as a period piece but it's the actors who should make it more than a style statement, for me the screen only really lit up when Hugh Jackman made a 10 second cameo appearance, the rest of the movie was pleasant enough fare but, sadly, too shallow, too weak, too lacking in surprise, passion and spice, to engage this very particular reviewer.

I had to rouse Her Ladyship from well deserved slumber to discover her views, I'll not share them if you don't mind.

A first class Haiku ?

So, unlike revenge
Superhero movies are
A dish best served hot



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