Saturday, February 04, 2012

Movie Review - "Sherlock Holmes A game of shadows". why shadows? no idea...

I really enjoyed the first Guy Ritchie directed Holmes film, finding the relationship between Holmes and Watson enjoyable and unexpected, the story, although silly, well told. I enjoyed Irene Adler's involvement excellently played by Rachel McAdams, Mark Strong made for an engaging villain, and the action scenes were well choreographed and entertaining.

The second film sadly turned up the silliness and as a result was a teeny bit underwhelming, it added little to the relationship between the leads, in the first film the tensions were well explored, in this they're simply going through the badinage motions. The story, very, very loosely based around Conan-Doyle's "Final Problem"  is both overly complex and disjointed, the villain played by Jared Harris is frankly, dull, Stephen Fry adds little, it really wastes the excellent Miss McAdams and Noomi Rapace who was compelling in 'Girl with a Dragon Tattoo' seems to be 'just passing thru' this movie.

Holmes on a horse was good value though.

Evidently most of the budget was spent on some admittedly stunning effects, great sets and many well dressed extras it's not a bad film but it is disappointing compared to its predecessor.

An elementary haiku

If Moriarty's
a genius, why not hire
a man who can shoot



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