Thursday, August 10, 2006

Just a courtesy call

As I mentioned previously I am forced to deliver the Jeep into the tender and exceedingly expensive hands of the local Mr Jeep motto 'a smile, a spanner and a pile of (your) money'. It's booked in for a service on Monday, (the first day they could provide me with a loan car). I was so thrilled today to receive a call from one of Mr Jeep's minions.
"Just a courtesy call Mr Stuffy, you've got your car booked in with us for Monday!"
To be honest I knew that but obviously word of my Alzheimers is getting about...
"Yes, thank you for reminding me"
"Well'just a courtesy call, will you be wanting any accessories while we have the vehicle?"
Accessories? Accessories? I'm thinking handbags, ear rings, hair slides, jewellery, or maybe some of those strange driving gloves with a hole where the back should be...
Accessories I enquire, what on earth do you mean ?"
"Well like towbars... or, um, wheel covers" replies the gent on the other end... (obviously nobody has enquired before)
I was aghast, I was confused, I had to ask, "Do many people buy towbars as an impulse purchase ?"
"Well", he floundered on, "it's just a courtesy call", he said "if there was anything else you need, you might have forgotten when you booked it in"
The red mist descended, I cranked the volume all the way up (to 11) "I'm reluctantly paying £350 for you to turn a flipping dashboard light off, I'm not looking for you to pimp my ride thank you, do you know what courtesy means, how exactly is this call a courtesy to me?"
"Ok", he said, ("from the faintness of his voice I suspect he was holding the phone at a safe distance from his delicate ears). "So we'll see you Monday then" and then the selfish blighter hung up before I could scream.
Obviously it's a new mantra, as long as you keep repeating the magic words "courtesy call" nothing bad can happen to you, well, we'll see about that ... Any bets as to the value of the eventual bill ?


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