Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yule be sorry...

So, up at 7 to start preparing for Christmas fun. I love Christmas, possibly because I spend the rest of the year as a curmudgeonly old scrooge-like figure I really do enjoy the whole Christmas experience, (obviously I'm referring to the eating, drinking, presents, tinsel and trees side of the celebration, which our ancestors enjoyed before all this religious stuff got dragged in. We had 18 for the Crimble Feast, and all went pretty well, starting with the overnight soaking of the enormous turkey in a spicy brine bath a' la Nigella Lawson (That's the turkey in the bath, not Nigella, sadly). With about half an hour to go and only final touches to the sauces, stir frying of sprouts, and the carving of bird and gammon to go, both sinks in the kitchen refused to drain. Luckily i was so mellow from a steady stream of 7 hours of bucks fizz consumption that I managed not to panic but it did add a certain frisson to delivering the Yuletide feast to our guests when three of them were immersed in the fetid outflow under the kitchen cupboards. Sincere thanks to my little brother crissyfoffer, for his culinary assistance and to Robbie, Ian, Mrs Stuffy and Graham for their plumbing and problem solving skills, and to all our lovely guests for making it a really fun Christmas dinner.


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