Sunday, November 19, 2006

The customer, right? sometimes right? always right ?

An excursion yesterday to buy footwear for ChaCha, (she grows out of stuff very quickly), the delightfully intimidatable young man in the shoe shop, (which will not, in the spirit of fair play, be identified as Russ*l and Broml*y) was very specific that they had a sacred duty to ensure that only shoes with sufficient growing space, sensible support and appropriate fastenings were sold to my dear daughter, who will of course grow out of them in a fortnight, kick them off without undoing laces and wouldn't dream of wearing anything uncomfortable .
Of course whilst this holier than thou, "we're entrusted with the safety and security of generations of feet yet to come", purist attitude pertains in the kiddy section, amble downstairs to the debauched salon of the ladies and they'll sell a block of plastic and leather, festooned with sequins and diamante, as practical and comfortable as putting your feet in a box of glass shards, for the price of a small African country, to women who should know better.
These allegedly intelligent women will quite happily shell out for something that, they, I and the hypocritical vendors of footwear-related fantasy are all well aware are totally pointless, impractical and in most cases unwearable, (for much longer than the time it takes to say "ooooh yes, I'll take them, do you have the same size covered in the skins of pigmy ocelots ?"
I blame Cinderella for setting unreasonable expectations of our shoe shop assistants...
I'm a joy to shop with...


At 11:09 am, Blogger MarkMcL said...

Steve. I quite agree, Girly designer shoe prices are ludicrous; they are an obscene amount of money for what you get. See also How much for a pair of shoes.


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