Thursday, November 01, 2007

Movie Review - Stardust ....... a slick, smart, sprinkling of shiny, spellbinding, sparkling goodness

I'll freely admit to being a fan of the work of Neil Gaiman. This film is based (occasionally loosely) upon one of his stories. I also enjoyed the twists and turns of Layer Cake which was director Matthew Vaughns last success. This much hyped film, for me, captured some of the wisecracking elements of the best of the recent gangster movies along with the best of the fantasy and effects from the Harry Potter franchise without all the earnestness and 'taking itself way too seriously' which makes me less effusive about Ms Rowlings cash machine.

For me Stardust is a real winner, a slick, grown-up, fantasy film, well acted, well written, great effects and characters and tons of feel-good. Sadly I can't give it a Mrs Stuffy rating as I was accompanied by ChaCha and a chum but from the three of us (average age 25) it was a chorus of enthusiastic approval.



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