Sunday, July 15, 2007

Movie Review - Harry Potter and the Juggernaut of Majyckal Revenue

I confess that I've read all the published books and now, seen all the films. Whilst not a fan per se I do quite enjoy the films and the books, but only during the actual reading/viewing experience.
If I cast what's left of my mind back I find myself quite unable to identify specific details with particular films or books, it has all been processed by my memory into a melange of events, scenes and images with no particular distinction between any of them. I attribute this mostly to the formulaic style of the stories and (I suppose it's to the credit of the different directors) the consistent look and feel of the films.
Or maybe it's Alzheimers.
Anyway, since Mrs Stuffy and ChaCha wanted someone to drive and buy sweets I was taken to view the latest investment in the Rowling pension plan.
Stunning special effects, splendid actors (Rickman and Staunton were perfect) did I mention the effects ? It was an enjoyable movie experience but it's already sinking into the pot of memory chutney labeled 'Various Potterness'. The effects were, I seem to recall, impressive. The new book is out this weekend, Mts Stuffy has it on order and I'm guessing that will confuse and confound me even further before (and here's my bid for predictive immortality) Voldemort finally bites the ring off Harry's finger before plunging into the fires beneath Mount Doom. (remember, you read it here first)


At 6:24 pm, Blogger MarkMcL said...

S. You did not mention Mrs Stuffy snoring so I take it the viewing was a success. I should be able to persuade SWMBO to go and see it based on this "rave" review. Toodle-pip. M.

PS. Lunch? You don't write, you don't call! :-)


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