Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Spot the difference...

We live, to my constant amazement and joy, in an age where it’s possible, (as we did last weekend) to turn up at an agreed location in New York, with 414 other folk, all with their baggage, be organised, packed into an airtight tube propelled and sustained by tons of highly complicated machinery, take off within a 10 minute time slot amongst dozens of other sky borne leviathans, travel thousands of miles across the roiling waves and floe-ridden wastes of the Arctic ocean and land within 100 yards of our target on a tiny, wet and windy island, within 10 minutes of the predicted time.

And quite often your baggage gets there too…

On the other hand, our premier telecoms supplier, BT can’t commit to an appointment tighter than 08:00 to 13:00 for one miserable, noisome and misanthropic engineer in a van to turn up and fix ones broadband connection (after two weeks of 'remote testing' (maybe the Hebrides?) and prevarication).

Even more amazingly you’ll get a phone call (at 09:00) announcing that he’ll be late! The lad in the call centre seemed astonished that I wasn't delighted to be informed, that's not customer service, that's institutionalised incompetence.
14:0-bloody-7 and Mr Chuckles the Engineer turned up and delighted me with his detailed, (and vitriolic) analysis of his employer.

Apparently he's only allowed to spend 2 hours on each job, which makes the timing constraints even more baffling. I think the 2 hour thing is to protect the less robust customers from the increasing likelihood of suicide or self-harm which I'm sure would ensue from lengthy exposure to this chap's world view.

Vodafone by the way, can deliver me a brand new working phone within hours of a phone call, I think BT should get whoever does Vodafone’s logistics to deliver their engineers.



At 2:46 pm, Blogger IzinSing said...

You sound a little grumpy. Are you sure you're getting enough sleep?


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