Monday, February 23, 2009

21st Century 3D movies, it's like a Bolt from the red and green ...

It's been a long while since I saw a 3D film (with the exception of the "in your face' experiences at assorted Disney resorts in LA, Florida and Paris).
My last cinematic recollection was "Spacehunter-adventures in the forbidden zone " back in '83 which still makes me extremely nervous when anyone suggests flying through an asteroid field.

The headache caused by that film has finally subsided so it seemed appropriate to take Rhett and Mrs Stuffy and see what the technology can do now. The answer is that the technology has come a long way and now works very well but I was more impressed by the use of it in the trailers for forthcoming attractions than in the main feature itself.

The 3D in Bolt is used in a very understated way. It's possibly too subtle, I felt that the film really needed something a little more over the top. It's an OK film, don't get me wrong, Rhett enjoyed it and CHaCHa thinks it's great but after the initial frenzied 10 minutes it became very predictable.I didn't feel particularly involved (although I did quite like the pigeons).

I fnd myself looking forward to the upcoming Coraline, (Neil Gaiman's writing and a surreal world that looks like it's perfect for 3D silliness), Ice-age3 (1 and 2 were superb) and Monsters v Aliens (Not sure about that one).

I know what you're thinking, "that's all fine and dandy chum but where's the Haiku?"


Incredible Journey
for three D cartoon critters
this one wonders why?


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