Thursday, December 11, 2008

Customer Service, ha ha ha only joking, Esporta responds - ish

Those of you captivated by my earlier post and correspondence (click here) with the management at my friendly neighbourhood gymnasium might be sitting, waiting, breathlesssly expectant of the next missive...

So (lightly edited for clarity and comic effect) here's my latest epistle ...

Dear Mr Name changed to protect the guilty, A number of events have occurred since I wrote directly to you on 24th November.

  • I received a poorly written letter from one of your staff, dated the 30th November, assuring me that the membership of my daughter ChaCha had been cancelled with immediate effect.
  • You then withdrew £263:00 from my bank account on 3rd December (as you do each month), indicating that despite the aforementioned assurances her membership is still costing me money.
  • I received a “one size fits all” mail-merge letter bearing your signature telling me how much you hoped I appreciated all the effort that Esporta put into enhancing my gym-going experience.
  • Your letter, (although it did offer me a free cup of coffee) also informed me that my fees would be rising from £335 monthly to £345, hard to reconcile with the £263 you’re already erroneously charging me.
  • I spoke with your reception staff and offered a conversation (over a free cup of coffee?) with you to address some of these issues and provide a little constructive customer feedback. As someone who makes a reasonable living advising companies on their approach to Sales and Marketing I thought that might be attractive to you. If not, that’s fine, however, I was told that you’d ring me. You haven’t, that’s not good.
To help you to reconcile the ongoing series of administrative errors and customer relationship mismanagement I enclose the correspondence to date. I’d really appreciate it if you’d take some positive action to rectify the impression you’re generating.


This was sent on the 5th of December,

still waiting ...

7th December still waiting

8th December still waiting

9th, 10th and 11th December, yup, still waiting...



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