Monday, March 21, 2011

A supremely silly way to spend the Sabbath.

Yesterday, Sunday, was quite a challenge for the blessed Mrs Stuffy. Instead of a leisurely breakfast and a desperate hunt through the Sunday papers to find something of substance she embarked upon her first half-marathon. She's always been a recreational runner but around 5 miles has been her comfort zone, in preparation for the Belfast Marathon in May she's been steadily building up her mileage and the Reading half-marathon was timely as part of that process.

So up early, a cup of tea and a jelly baby and I ferried her and Thandi off to join 18,000 other nutters. They both did very well, Thandi hitting 2.05 and her ladyship sprinting for the finish line for a respectable 2.24 pretty much as planned. She's a little stiff this morning but was up at 6:00 today as usual and off to (enjoy?) a spin class with me.

I'm very, very proud of the current Mrs Stuffy.

For those friends and family who haven't been email-bombed by the team Julie and Thandi are running the Belfast Marathon in May in Memory of Ian, (Thandi's husband, Julie's brother and a man I was proud to call a friend) and to support the Mourne Mountain Rescue team. If you can take a minute to check out the justgiving sponsorship site click here

I'd really appreciate it.


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