Monday, March 26, 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Slumdog Actually, love

There are some films that pretty much lay out the storyline in the first 10 minutes or so, as you're introduced to each of the characters, (a roll-call of safe,dependable elderly actors) you can pretty much identify the inevitable outcome for each of them, you can be sure that Maggie Smith is unlikely to remain a bigoted old misery, that Judi Dench will cope well, and cheer up, that Bill Nighy will find happiness, that it will all turn out right for the young Indian lad (Dev Patel) and his lovely lassie.

This film is essentially Love Actually for the cocoa drinkers with gorgeous colours and background and an Indian music track.

That's not a bad thing, Love Actually is one of my guilty secrets, I like (sometimes) to enjoy a well-crafted well-written, ensemble piece with an inevitable happy ending and a mild dose of sadness thrown in halfway through to 'keep it real'.

The cast, an old boys and girls club of British mature folk could do this in their sleep but they didn't and they're pretty much beyond criticism. I'd pick out Celia Imrie for particular mention simply because I find myself oddly attracted to her now she shares a haircut with my lady wife but honestly  all the cast deliver a thoroughly well-played performance.
I commend it to you if you fancy an hour or two of gentle fun.

A haiku korma with rice...

Jaipur holiday,
For the cast(e),a gentle tale
Of seizing the day

did you see what I did there?


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