Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Team Tuxedo cruise round Corsica

There's an annual thing we do, every year as it happens, where I, the missus and a couple of chums pop off to stay in the South of France with another couple of chums and we all put on matching cycling jerseys and we then pedal around for a couple of days alternately cycling (not the missus, she's part of the support team), drinking coffee, drinking wine, drinking beer, drinking more wine, well, you get the picture.

We call it the Team Tuxedo Tour, last year we journeyed from lovely Vence in the Alpes Maritimes to delightful San Remo in Italy, an excellent and deeply enjoyable trip despite the presence of some seriously hilly bits.
Some excellent meals, good wine, good companions and a great way to spend a long weekend.

This year we needed a new challenge. But where to go?

The 2013 Tour de France had kicked off on the lovely island of Corsica and I, nay we, had all been impressed by what a delightful cycling venue that island looked, the prospect of effortlessly cycling through majestic gorges and into ever-opening vitas of beautiful azure seas and delightful fishing villages.

Well, it had to be done.

link to you tube movie
We did some research (although somehow missed the bit about all the uphill stretches) planned a four day trip, the ferry ride from Nice to Bastia is about 5 hours, we ordered fresh jerseys, we polished our bikes.

Deepest thanks to our Support team, Elaine, Mrs Stuffy and Marie-Pierre.

And serious Kudos to the cyclists,
Myself (l'ours volant), Dicky Bird (l'oiseaux),Chris our (Chef de l'equipe) Roy (Le Roi) and Ricardo (Le Facteur-he always delivers)

We headed for Heathrow, fluttered to France and enjoyed a delightful trip around the Cap Corse.

I'm not going into too much detail because there is a video so do feel free to click on the handsome folk in the photo and enjoy the ride, or not, as you wish.

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