Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sufferin' Saturday

I've been threatening the early morning bike boys that I'd capture their efforts on camera for some while and last week my new helmet camera arrived from the USofA (it's a lovely thing, self contained and capturing over an hour of video to an SD card). With little ado I strapped the beastie to my lid on Saturday morning and captured an hour or so of 'all macho, man and machine in perfect harmony, action video', on editing the resultant masterwork I dicovered :-

  • That I spend a hell of a lot of time looking at the road and my front wheel,
  • That the camera was set a little far forward on my helmet resulting in lots of film of feet, legs and back tyres.
  • That it will be more fun when it's sunny and dry rather than dark and wet
  • That the audio was unusable, (and quite scary) due to my painfully laboured panting
  • That the language captured on audio (where lungs permitted speech) was, frankly, too profane for a family audience

So I cobbled the few usable bits together with some good tunes, there's a low resolution version on Youtube, click on the helmet to view it...

Enjoy, or not, as it suits you...


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