Thursday, February 01, 2007

One of my top 5 favourite restaurants in the world is ...

Gordon Ramsay's Boxwood Cafe in swinging London town, it's more user friendly than his other showpieces, the food is awesome, but not over fussy, high quality, beautifully presented but designed for easy-going eating, served by (lots of) enthusiastic, informed, efficient, affable folk. Mrs Stuffy and I have shared a few splendid meals 'a deux' (it's an anniversary favourite) there and this week we took along convivial chums James and his lovely but long suffering wife, known to the world as "she's wasted on him you know!"
Despite a late arrival and my insistence on wearing the luminous electric blue suit (I don't get out much, maybe that's why) we were made very welcome and settled down to a spendid gustatory experience. In a cavalcade of dishes, each a triumph of cheffery, I must single out my foie gras starter which was mouthmeltingly awesome although so lightly cooked, that as James observed, a competent vet probably could have saved it. We managed a glass or many of some delightful Sancerre and a very appealing Rioja, sorry Mark, (click on Mark to see how a restaurant review should look) no dates or labels but they were lovely.

And the other 4 in my top 5 ? (not necessarily the best but a very personal choice)

The River Cafe, Brooklyn
- Unmatchable ambiance, great food, incredible views and great staff
Le Manoir au quat saisons - just really, really, really good (and I've cooked in their kitchens)
The Bombay Brasserie - I love a curry, a Sunday buffet here after a Saturday night indulgence is a terrific experience.
Le Signal maybe not the best mountain restaurant in L'espace Killy but it's pretty damn good and it's where I got engaged.


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