Thursday, March 08, 2007

A brief flurry of snow, part the 1st... getting there

A brief trip to Thones near Annecy to stay with chums R & E in their lovely chalet. Flew out of LHR to the sunkissed tropical paradise of Geneva where I spent a happy hour practising my language skills with many variations of, où sont mes skis ? wo sind meine Skis? and of course dove sono i miei pattini?
Interestingly the paperwork that "Customer-friendly" British Airways use when they mislay your possesions is the delightfully named "Passener irregularity report"

Fortunately I'd hired a car large enough to accomodate my imaginary skis, this meant that the car had an inbuilt SatNav. My skiing partner ( to save his blushes let's call him 'Tricky') arrived on a a later flight clutching his personal Garmin GPS system, so this master navigator with two electronic navigation systems, two sets of printed directions and 7 assorted maps and diagrams ensured that we completed the one hour journey in a record breaking 135 minutes. Now I'm not blaming Tricky's navigational ability, No, I'm blaming his total lack of navigational ability!
Still, he's excellent company, Geneva at rush hour is a lovely place and the hours just seemed to fly by.


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