Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And the Daily Express said... let there be snow ...

I was intrigued this morning to see that in a desperate effort to compete with the immediacy of other news sources, (TV radio and the internet) our tabloid newspapers are now employing prescient journalists who are using their supernatural abilities to write and publish tomorrows headlines today, so despite the the fact that no snow has yet fallen, we're finding that "7 inches of snow will paralyze the uk" ... what a positive view we have of our brave men and women in the front line, defending our transport infrastructure from the relentless pressures of one of the most hostile climates on Earth. I must confess that were I a snow-plough driver, I'd probably stay in bed tomorrow given the inevitability of my failure to sort out the M25.

One can only hope that the vagaries of sudden and dramatic climate change will not hinder myself and Mrs S as we attempt to leave (albeit briefly) the frozen misery of Ice-age Britain for the warmth, colour and intestinal challenge of sunny Marrakech.


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