Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A tale of olden times, full of grief, pain, misery and woe .............. that's a Saga

It's also the names of the devious beggars who suckered me into their marketing trap. I recently received a reminder from the AA to renew my car insurance including a pretty reasonable quote, now, being as financially astute as the next chap, (assuming the next chap is also a poverty stricken half-witted spendthrift) , I decided to take advantage of my half-century and check out the sort of discount I could get for having driven around this horrendously congested island for 30 years killing and maiming very few folk (even though many deserve it). I googled SAGA and proceeded to search for the promised special rates offered to those who (presumably) are safer drivers because they pootle along in the middle lane of empty motorways at 55 mph wearing string backed driving gloves and looking forward to getting the thermos out. In order to provide a quote their website required address, d.o.b, driving history and car details, the quote was way (40% !!) more than the AA had offered so I exited the old folks website with unseemly haste. I now find myself deluged on an almost daily basis with direct mail reminding me of my advancing years, welcoming me to the doddering community, expounding the hitherto unconsidered thrill of caravanning and offering me the delights of holiday cruises. As Mrs Stuffy so kindly opined there can be few holiday experiences as soul destroying to consider as being trapped, for a week, on a boat, with 300 people like me.
She has a point...


At 1:10 pm, Blogger MarkMcL said...

Stuffy. SAGA are indeed one of the most persistant junk-mailers through my letter box and no obvious way to turn off the flood. As you found they are 50% more than anyone else. But when you hit 75 they will do travel insurance when many others spurn you as if a leper (so my parents tell me). Their envelopes go straight into the recycling bin unopened. Rgds. MarkMcL


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