Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fathers Day ... where's the apostrophe ?

Has anyone else noticed ? Mother's day has an apostrophe, it's a day belonging to Mother, Fathers Day however belongs to others, to the givers of goodness to us poor old Dads. What a splendid day I had, remarkably similar to most Sundays except that, after getting up, showering and shaving (not in that order), dressing, ("you're not wearing that it's filthy") dressing again, going to the village and getting the Sunday papers and making tea for Mrs Stuffy I had to go back to bed and wait for gift-related goodness from our sleepy-head girls and one sleep-over boy. Eventually, thrilled by my jokey cards, stunning new tie, groovy lime-green ipod shuffle (I really do need to rationalise my excessive Ipod collection) and an amusing oven glove I was allowed to rise (again) and enjoy a delicious breakfast. It's very rare that anyone but me does cooking at the barn, mostly because I enjoy it. This meal fit for a king ( a king who likes bacon, toast and microwaved scrambled egg) was prepared by a significant number of the women in my life. Thank you ladies, I hope I'm worth it. From then on it was pretty much Sunday as normal so I took the opportunity to capture a little of the day in this video taster. Click here for Easy ... Sunday Morning


At 6:27 pm, Blogger MarkMcL said...

Ah. The kind of grammar up with which we will not put! Now should it be father's or fathers'? There are many of them out there. Or is one refrerring to one's own (or the reader's) singular father?

Discuss. (Do not write on more than two sides of the paper)


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