Friday, April 06, 2007

50 again

Now the thing is, I quite enjoyed becoming 50 a year ago, it's easy to remember and a nice round number so I've determined to remain 50 as it will avoid me learning a new number. As it happens Charlie and I were together on my birthday as part of her Easter break and we'd arranged to go climbing together at Craggy Island, a splendid indoor climbing wall. This is always a mixed experience for me, I love climbing but don't do it often enough to feel climbing fit and the young folk who instruct there are very young. I have to use an instructor when I'm with Cha as she is neither experienced enough or heavy enough to hold my weight if (when) I plummet earthwards. The lovely Taz who was our coach for the session probably felt that she was being complimentary when she looked at my 15 year old gear and said " that's a very retro look, when did that harness last fit you?"
Injured pride apart we had a lovely work out, once the ibuprofen kicked in I climbed well for an elderly sloth and Charlie has a natural aptitude for climbing and no apparent fear. We then popped into one of our favourite bistros for a 'putting the calories back lunch'. Thanks to all our readers for your kind wishes on (or around) the day.


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