Friday, May 11, 2007

Lord of the Rings, the Musical ... yes that's right, the musical

Mrs Stuffy is well aware that reading Lord of the Rings stopped me getting bored whilst sitting in the exam hall wondering whether I should have done some revision for O'levels. Months ago she lost no hesitation in advance booking tickets for the London debut. The first preview was on Wednesday and we turned up for the second night yesterday, eyes wide and critical faculties attuned. If you're like me then your first reaction on hearing of this would be "Lord of the Rings as a musical ! How would they do that?" Having seen that question answered my question now is "Why on (middle) earth did they do that ?"...

Quick review -An amazing set and indulgent use of technology, lights, puppets, trapeze, smoke, puppets, acrobats and an (unending) supply of stilts overwhelmed some very average acting, forgettable music and incomprehensible singing.

One tiny point, there's a scene where the white city of Gondor is represented by a dozen folk in white nun-like outfits (but with cowboy hats) holding aloft little white buildings on sticks. I was hysterically reminded of the miniscule monolith and dancing dwarfs in Spinal Tap.


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