Friday, April 20, 2007

Gardening, nowhere near as hard as they make out ...

I've never been blessed with patience to do the gardening thing, I've never understood the attraction of non-immediate gratification I suppose but I thought I'd share some success in a horticultural sense. As regular readers will know last Easter saw me engaged in the back-breaking effort of installing some 42 assorted fruit trees in an effort to create a lovely orchard where only sward had thrived. Here's the before and after pic. Lo and behold 12 months later (and despite the best efforts of the water board to dessicate my sorrowful saplings) the advent of loads of stunning blossom informs us that we have a death rate of only two.
I'll be digging up the tragically deceased and delivering them to the in-tray of the nearest hospipe ban inspector.
I confess that my gardening usually falls into 3 areas, in order of preference, sitting on the mower, chainsawing stuff and occasional (reluctant) strimming, actually now I think about it my favourite gardening thing is sitting on the bench with a book and a beer enjoying the bluebells, which arrive, a glorious carpet through the wood, no matter what I've done in the meantime.
Which seems like a good reason to leave nature to do its stuff, it's easier and it seems much better at it than I.


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