Monday, August 18, 2008

Back from the desert, flat on my back

After a week in sunny Egypt accompanied by seven women, (assorted wives, daughters, cousins, friends of cousins and nieces) and having spent a week hauling 15 litre tanks of nitrox and my neoprene encased body in and out of the Red sea, I discovered (not surprisingly) that the stress and exertion had scrunched a number of muscles in my shoulders and back.

A quick trip to the physio and the lovely Debbie spent an hour manipulating and acupuncturing my knotted tendons. I must say that the treatment was much more effective than the Thai lady who had a crack at me last week, (Her approach to massage was very combatative and her conversation, with the notable exception of "Pain ? - Good !" was unintelligible.

I do always find that acupuncture leaves me feeling a little deflated though ...

I used to be treated by a voodoo acupuncturist, I'd be walking down the street, she'd stick a pin in a wax model 10 miles away and I'd say, "Oooh that's better"


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