Friday, June 06, 2008

Things that one is really too old to be doing - No 17 - Paintball


I may have acquired 14 spectacular bruises and a pulled hamstring but I did capture the last flag, delivering ultimate victory to the Reds and humiliation to the Blues but this was little thanks to our team, 5 of Callum's young friends and ChaCha who (whilst James and I relived scenes from our past, I guess neither of us will ever get over Nam!) mostly huddled together in relative safety, spraying pellets, £10 for 80 !!! in all directions.

The military lessons these kids seem to have learned mostly address 'spray and pray', 'friendly fire', 'collateral damage' and 'plausible deniability'.

I may possibly be judging the little ones harshly, I distinctly heard James advising them during the briefing to take full advantage of the cover provided by large, stationary objects, " You know, like Stuffy"

It's an expensive days play, the pellets are extortionate and the site sells them for 8 times what you can pay on the web, the food is execrable and there are a disturbing number of people who take it all a little too seriously, however as an adrenaline rush and an occasional laugh it's great sport and many thanks to James and Callum for taking ChaCha and I along.


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