Sunday, April 20, 2008

The long and winding road to pop stardom .

Young Tatty was recently the lucky recipient (thanks, allegedly, to a drunken bid at a charity auction) of a recording session at a professional sound studio. Since every pop diva needs an entourage, or posse (as the kids would possibly say) ChaCha was dragooned to provide moral and vocal support.

Possibly due to my long association with the world of Rock'n'Roll ( I have, after all, discussed barre chords with the bassist of Wishbone Ash) I was offered the role of Roadie. I accepted with enthusiasm and alacrity not realising that the road in question was about 110 miles long and the studio was in a place called Essex, which appears to be somewhere near Croatia.

Anyway, it was an amusing Saturday, the girls each took away a cd of their efforts and I put together a brief promotional video for your delight and delectation. Click on Amy to see the vid.

PS: If you're an A&R man for EMI, don't forget my 10% once the kids make it big.

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