Friday, May 23, 2008

Return of the Haiku review by public demand

And when I say 'public demand' I am of course referring to the small sad band of those of us who maintain the fiction that our blogs are read by anyone other than we who produce them and a few other delusional like-minded souls.

I was lunching with the world's second worst navigator (no offence Tricky),
Izzy is a long term buddy, and fellow blogger and during a brief visit to Blighty helped me eat a small cow at the delightful Gaucho Grill in London's fair City. During the conversation she asked why my promised deluge of Haiku film reviews had proven to be a mere trickle.

I patiently explained that there is no simple answer, it's quite hard to do and I'm great at procrastination. OK, there is a simple explanation.

So let's try again, and I urge my fellow bloggers especially Izzy and Mark to turn their considerable wordsmithing talent to producing examples of their own.

Haiku movie review - Juno

There is a good rule
If it's got Alison Janney
it will be good, 'tis.

And ....... In Bruges

Farrel, Fiennes, Gleason
compel, Bruges looks great as well
Dark laughs, sad small smiles.

I never got around to reviewing God of Carnage after our dramatic and disastrous attempt to see it the first time. We revisited the scene of the crime a week or so later, and, herewith my thoughts in traditional Japanese verse form ...

Why must acTORS shOUT ?
and wave their arms abOUT ?
"theatre sweetie !" PAH !!!

OK, I'm on a roll now, a quick restaurant review, (the beauty of this exercise is that you have to think really hard to capture the essence, the few critical things that (for the reviewer) make or break an experience).

The Gaucho G
rill, Bell Inn Yard

Pretty waitress smile,
if the meat was not perfect,
would still be enough.

Enough already, have a great Bank Holiday weekend...


At 10:27 am, Blogger IzinSing said...

I read your haikus
posted recently after
our lunch together

Seventeen are not
enough syllables to say
hom much I liked them


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