Monday, December 24, 2007

The annual visit to the Pantomime, Henry Winkler in Woking, Oh no he isn't, Oh yes he flipping is !!!!

Peter Pan, some telly soap lass, very poor at flying, singing and acting and much too well-chested to be a credible 'boy who never grew up'
Mr Smee, someone else I'd never heard of, barely amusing,

and The Fonz as Captain Hook,
for those of us of a certain age,
I suspect I need to say no more to share the joy...

PS An old friend of Mrs S was in the cast, (as the delightful Tiger Lily) and she assures us that Henry, who bought end of run presents for everyone on the production is a really, really nice bloke. Excellent !



At 11:52 am, Blogger Tim O'Leary said...

eeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy - even those not of a certain age still enjoy the Fonz ;)

At 8:06 pm, Anonymous Olivia said...

I'm a friends of C's from school:) She showed me your blog. I've started one to, lol. THe funny thing is me+C worked out that we were at the same pantomime at the same time and we didn't realize it... we weren't really good friends then though.


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