Friday, September 12, 2008

Dreaming of drowsy, delicious, delightful, diving, dysentery-free days in dusty, Dahab

I mentioned here, briefly, the recurring injuries sustained whilst holidaying in sunny Egypt, We've been back a couple of weeks now and I've assembled a brief video scrapbook of the trip. click on the image of the hotel view for the You-tube experience.
My apologies for the poor quality of the underwater shots, I'm still learning how to use the lovely underwater camera which I was given for Christmas, no amount of time spent snapping away in the bath prepares one for the real thing.

Highlights of the trip would include, completing my PADI advanced dive course with an ace instructor at a great dive centre, Sinai Divers at Dahab.
I got to dive some classic sites including the lovely Bells and Canyon and the notorious Blue Hole. It's a little off-putting to trudge past the memorials to those who've died on the site as you're heading for the water.

Other notable firsts included my little girl having her first scuba lesson and also, after a number of attempts, getting up on water-skis, albeit briefly.

This getting up on water-skis is something that her dad still finds a bit of a challenge, I seem to be unable to stop trying to pull the boat backwards, which very rarely works.

ChaCha's cousin Tatty, who also appears in the vid, is a splendid water-skier and would have been mono-skiing by the end of the week if Mark Warner had a mono-ski for such a tiny person, she's a bit of a wake-blasting prodigy is our Tats.

Low points of the holiday include the flights, courtesy of the now defunct XL (I'm glad I didn't waste any time on the feedback form now) and a distressing (and apparently ubiquitous) intestinal disorder.

There may be those among you, gentle readers, who think that one lone male holidaying with seven gorgeous women would be an attractive prospect, but here's a clue...

I spent six days underwater .


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