Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 Movie reviews

and not in the Haiku form,
I'll tell you why,
Guillermo del Toro uses 6 syllables before I've even started to say anything...

Hellboy 2,

Guillermo del toro, he of the aforementioned polysyllabic monicker makes very, very, beautiful films, Pan's Labyrinth is a gorgeous thing. I was not surprised that Hellboy 2, featured some exceedingly stunning scenery, effects and filming, I was surprised that the characters were so rich, that he managed to imbue a cloud of smoke with an instantly recognizeable, complex and likeable personality. As an action film with some depth, this one really works, it's lovely to look at and Mrs Stuffy stayed awake and laughed a few times. It's a great film, I commend it to you.

Kung fu
Dreamworks have made impressive, clever beautifully executed, well written animated movies, I'm thinking of Shrek, maybe Shrek 2, they've also made many (shark tale, flushed away, over the hedge) that don't come anywhere near Pixar's finest, (The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Ice age 2).

This is another of those 'just doesn't get there' movies. It's well produced and technically neat but the story is rubbish and seems to express the philosophy that working very hard to achieve something is worthy but
not as effective as being lazy, obese and greedy because " it will mysteriously and suddenly all work out fine".

Doesn't seem like a particularly appropriate message for the increasingly indolent and corpulent youth of our nation.
You never saw (still skinny) David Carradine turn down the opportunity to do a little hard graft for a bowl of rice.

Messages aside, it just felt like a formula movie, I watched it on a plane and then found watching the Incredibles for the 4th time on a 2 inch ipod screen infinitely more pleasurable.
2 snores on the Mrs Stuffy scale .


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