Saturday, February 28, 2009

There'll be Bluebird over ...

The Bluebird, a restaurant created in an art-deco racing garage in that there London's trendy Kings Road, an iconic Conran creation as I recall. You'd expect this to be an ideal Stuffy venue, fine food and wines, in an historic building for me and for herself, a plethora of bijou boutiques and purveyors of expensive clothes. We were the guests of chef and cycling chum Winston and the lovely Anna, keen to check out the offerings from the Bluebird chef Mark Block.

It's an attractive building in a super location, albeit, as I breathlessly discovered, a fair old hike from Sloane Square tube. The building is now a curious mix of late sixties furnishings (rarely a good idea) in an Art deco building. Opinion was divided, much to my surprise I thought it worked well, howsoever, as no-one agreed with me we must assume that once again my sense of style is something I fondly imagine that I possess rather than a real thing.

The food? well, the food was very well cooked, very nicely presented and very pleasant, but, (you knew that was coming didn't you) for me it didn't quite get to where it wanted to be, it was just missing a little extra something, the flair, the tang, the secret ingredient. ( In fairness it should be noted that Mrs Stuffy was so delighted with her blood-orange jelly that I spent the next three evenings, skinning citrus and squelching gelatine until I was able to replicate it at a dinner for her school chums).

All in all a very pleasant place for a relaxed supper with good friends, groovy place, nice unobjectionable food, great service.

An agreeable blast from the past and worth a visit.



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