Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yet more flippin poultry related drivel ...

Sorry to keep blathering on about the newest arrivals at the barn but I promised ChaCha I'd post this.
One of our three hens (now named, see the photo for the nom(h)enclature) has been laying increasingly larger eggs for a week now, yesterday it became evident that one of her sisters had joined the productive workforce with her own teeny weeny offering, I'm thinking a little salad with a lightly boiled egg is called for, Oh the gourmet joys of the gentleman poulterer.

My initial intent was, you may recall, to be able to produce perfectly poached eggs and I have to say that the freshness does indeed make all the difference. In other news I observed a fox sitting outside the run with a cunning expression on his face yesterday. (To be fair, in his defence, that expression does really come with the face, ... if you're a fox)



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