Saturday, February 28, 2009

Movie review ....... will she? won't she? did he? should she? Woody - Vicky Cristina Barcelona

There are times, admittedly few, when even a simplistic chap like myself desires a little more from the movie experience than gratuitous nudity, spectacular stunts, more gratuitous nudity and pic'n'mix.

I found myself delighted by this film, a subtle and intelligent movie which will surprise anyone who thinks that Woody Allen has forgotten how to write superb dialogue and direct clever films.
I've been to Barcelona, it was beautifully portrayed, and I fell in love with it all over again.
As the male lead, Javier Bardem was just right and his three leading ladies beautiful, perfectly cast, well acted and intriguing. It's a rare joy to sit, smiling, occasionally chuckling and find that for once Mrs Stuffy and I are as one.

A must see.

Would you like the haiku ?

Captivating tale
Woody reminds us why we
once thought him so good


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