Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Movie Review - A 3D walk in a very odd world - Coraline

I've long been a fan of Neil Gaiman (@Neilhimself for the twitterers amongst you) who wrote Coraline and of Henry Selick (who directed the Nightmare before Christmas) so it was with a joyful spring in my step that I, Mrs Stuffy, ChaCHa and Tatty toddled off on the hottest day of the year to sit in the air conditioned dark and enjoy Coraline 3D.

Bowing (as always) to Mr's Stuffy's bullying I'd not only taken the hit of a couple of quid extra per ticket for the 3D experience but she also cajoled me into an extra six of your English pounds to sit in the "superior seating" (colloquially, fat folk seats). This was a pointless expense in my humble opinion, skinny as they are Tatty and ChaCha could fit comfortably into one of the standard seats in the Vue at Camberley and still have room for all their popcorn, drinks,sweets and probably Mrs Stuffy as well. Hey ho, £48 out of pocket before they'd even hit the pic'n'mix like a swarm of sugar seeking locusts, but enough of my parsimony, on with the show.

Opinion, as so often, was divided, I loved the look and feel, the colours and action, the delightful details, the jumping mice, the constant need to shift gear, finding yourself accepting the weird and wondrous world on the screen and adjusting to it's rules.

Mrs Stuffy, (to select another opinion at random) found it visually attractive and very clever but not one to rush to see again. The girls found themselves, (I was going to say very,very scared but I've been corrected) "seriously disturbed and weirded out". either way, not one for the teeny weenies.

There were a few strong messages that came through, notably, parenting is tough,
if it looks too good to b
e true it probably is,
kids have lives too and
cats are the very best thing to ha
ve on your side when it gets seriously weird.

a tricksy one to haiku but ...

Henry, Neil create

spindly, spooky, spiky state
a web of beauty


At 3:44 pm, Blogger IzinSing said...

All very interesting, but have you seen "Inglorius (and misspelt) basterds"?


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