Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie review - Boldly going where many have boldly gone, boldly ...

It's a little known fact that Mrs Stuffy is a bit of a trekkie, not in a sad dressing-up way, but she is a fan and thanks to her astounding memory will happily watch the same episodes over and over again. I also have to admit to a certain affection for the franchise (in all it's incarnations) so it was with high hopes that we transported ourselves to the moving picture palace.

The new Star Trek movie is directed by JJ Abrams director of Lost, (Mrs S and I hold diametrically opposing views on Lost, she thinks it's great). The Star Trek movie is, let's be honest, a delight, a fast furious (not entirely logical) special effects roller-coaster interleaved with some fine acting, (also some less fine acting but Leonard Nimoy is 167).

Particularly impressive were the Spock and McCoy characters, they've really nailed the mannerisms and mindset of the originals and that, along with some super set design made it work as a believable prequel. (obviously I don't literally mean believable, you know what i mean)

There's just enough humour, plot and characterisation to to stop it being purely a special effects extravaganza but make no mistake it is a special effects extravaganza, we liked it a lot !

And a haiku version ...

Ten series and films
but this makes me say, "Star Trek
live long and prosper"

would you like that in Klingon ? of course you would ...

wa'maH series je films

ach vam chen jIH jatlh Hov Trek

yIn tIq je chep


At 12:47 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never fail to be impressed by your astounding command of languages. where on earth (or in space) did you learn klingon?

At 10:48 am, Blogger MarkMcL said...


Indeed I cannot think of many (any) who would write a movie review in the form of a Klingon haiku. Top man!

PS Great film indeed. Not sure about casting Simon Pegg, for me it worked better with unknowns. And [*plot spoiler*] who would ever have guessed Spock and Uhuru were an item!


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