Sunday, May 03, 2009

Movie Review ... State of Play

A visit to the magical moving picture emporium to enjoy this remake of a BBC production (which I've not seen, for television is the devil's own idiot box and will suck out your immortal soul with it's drivel and mind numbing soporific apologies for entertainment, oooooh that's better).

Anyway, sound acting, as ever, from Russel Crowe (who has apparently been filming locally and done nothing to diminish his arrogant git reputation), but the boy can act and that's his job.

Unlike Ben Affleck. I've no idea why Ben Affleck gets work, he's the movie equivalent of tofu, bland, unsatisfying and pointless.

Mrs Stuffy liked Helen Mirren's sweary editor but the rest of the cast seemed to have been coached by Affleck in advanced drabness. The story is very twisty and requires attention, it's well told but I was interested, not involved and we lost Mrs Stuffy to the arms of Morpheus a couple of time s in the last 20 minutes.

Still, a haiku review might look a little like this...

State of play

Makes one think and doubt
Working the connections out
passionless puzzle.


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