Thursday, September 02, 2010

Movie review - Toy Story 3

I can't believe it. That I took my little girl to watch the first Toy Story nearly 5 years ago, last weekend she took me and the missus to see the latest in the canon, Toy Story 3 in all enveloping 3D.

It's a real tribute I guess, to Pixar that they can turn out a movie, an animated movie that actually moves people, almost every one who's mentioned seeing it and most (proper) reviews of this film mention tears or emotional lumps in throats.

This seems to be a uniquely Pixar skill and a still developing one, I still get emotional watching Cars, Monsters inc is a very moving story and the love and affection portrayed in the early stages of Up is a powerful piece of movie-making. It takes real skill to make you identify with, and care about a cartoon character no matter how well they're drawn or cgi'd. Remember Bambi ?

Incidentally Rick Astley popped round to borrow my Pixar movies last week, I told him" Rick, you can borrow Cars, the Incredibles and Monsters inc but I'm never gonna give you Up".

So apart from the emotional content what's new in TS3? well, not a lot, it's a great formula, Woody bangs the loyalty drum, Andy grows up, Buzz gets rebooted in Spanish, and the Ken and Barbie thing works very well. To be honest, it's hard to criticise, it just works well, lots of good gags, some genuine moments of tension, good moral sense and just enough sweetness and light tinged with pathos to generate that throaty lumpiness, (I didn't cry).

I, my (very resistant to emotional manipulation) lovely wife and my rapidly adult-heading baby girl all enjoyed it, and that's a very good endorsement.

An animated and cryptic haiku ?

Would we leave Woody
Would Andy, Buzz off? No way!
But what do hugs hide?


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