Sunday, June 13, 2010

Training update - London to Brighton Bike Ride only one week away

Only a week now until Fathers Day and my second attempt on the epic cycle event that is the London to Brighton ride for the British Heart Foundation.
Most of you have been very kind and rather than just sniggering and muttering “silly old fool”
you’ve, sniggere
d, muttered “silly old fool” AND donated money to a very worthwhile cause,
for this I thank you.

We’re only a few of your English pounds away from £900:00 and that’s really impressive in these times of financial constraint so I and everyone helped by the BHF do thank you all.
If you haven’t felt the need to unload some cash in this very worthwhile direction please feel free to visit my website at

And make a small gesture.

For those who’ve wondered about my training regime, it’s mostly cake but I am allowed one unit of wine per day, the unit I’ve chosen is the standard French 75cl bottle.

I have been getting out on the bike and my thanks to my on-the-day-pace-setter Richard and his unnaturally skinny offspring Jack for destroying the tiny amount of self esteem I’d managed to cling to prior struggling back into the saddle.

One week to go, I’ll let you know how it goes on the day but, really, thank you all for your support...


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