Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who's the designer of this lovely wall, ooh and this mirror, and that tree, and the lake, ooh lovely...

Julia Roberts is, allegedly, a bit tough to work with but most would agree, a damn fine actress. Interesting then to find her (and the entire cast truthfully) upstaged, in every sense, by the scenery in this lavish reselling* of the Snow White story.

It's a weird film this one, (by the way there's another Snow White releasing later this year), the acting appears to be, not just weak but disjointed, as if nobody appearing in the film was actually listening to anyone elses lines and in some cases had no idea what they were doing.

The romantic leads are so unlikeable and every other performer so absent that if the wicked stepmother had been bothered I'd have been cheering her on to her villainy.

The effects and scenery are stunning, the costumes delightful, the dwarfs, who appear initially to be taking a welcome break from the dwarfish norm soon settle into type and Julia Roberts appears to be phoning in her performance from somewhere much more interesting.

A real shame.

A haiku

The best was Disney
He understood the story
But Julia, dis'nae

* (I actually put re-telling in, Evernote changed it to reselling, I think that's about right).


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