Monday, June 04, 2012

Movie Review - Men in Black, back, again...

We've caught a couple of excellent movies recently and I was thinking of combining the reviews,thereby letting me kill 2 birds with one stone, (which seems unduly harsh on the birds and if you've ever tried to kill a bird with a stone you'll know how silly that idiom is).

So, let's abandon the combo-review approach and give each movie the attention it deserves. Kicking off with Men in Black 3. Well, the first MIB film was a delightful concept, novel, stylish, well structured, thoughtful, excellently executed and very amusing, the second film, heck this is really easy, it's another of those, if you like MIB1 and MIB2 you'll almost certainly enjoy MIB3, if you didn't like 1 and 2 why the heck would you go to this one?

There's a lot less of the delicious dryness of Tommy Lee Jones and more of his excellently portrayed younger self (a great impression by Josh Brolin). There is, as ever, a fine performance from Will Smith, some fine gags and we finally find out why the Tommy Lee character is so grumpy, which is sad, but not too sad.
It's a film that rewards the viewer for being around 50 with lots of sixties in-jokes and gags, if you're not sure who Andy Warhol is you'll still enjoy this film but you'll miss a few choice lines.

Mrs Stuffy (for those of her fans who demand guidance) stayed alert, awake and she chuckled attractively on a number of occasions.

A mysterious haiku

Sci-fi fun in black
Tommy, Will and Josh go back
Untimely! alack


At 6:05 am, Anonymous Dan O. said...

Good review Stuffy. I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see Will Smith back in action after all of these years away from the screen.


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