Friday, November 30, 2012

Movember 2012 A hair today gone tomorrow experience

Every year in the month of November many many men start to grow moustaches, an exercise designed to raise money and awareness to combat prostate and testicular cancer. This year I was happy to join in, encouraged by my lovely wife and Gerry and the team at the Inn at West End who organised a Moustache themed dinner with fine food and wine, quizzes, raffles and moustache judging to encourage us to maintain the hairy-lipness through the month and raise some monies for the charity.

Modesty forbids me from mentioning who won the category for best 'tache (it was me !!!!) but we did raise (on the night) a couple of grand for the charity and I'm delighted to thank my own supporters who donated over £350 to the cause.

I put together a teeny slideshow of my progress through the month.

click on the moustache to enjoy.


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