Saturday, August 17, 2013

Branching out, a new blog, Simply Stuffy Cooking, tell me what you think

If you're one of those who enjoy what I write (and if you're here, reading this I guess you must be) you may be interested in my new blog. I've been nagged for some time by various (presumably) well-meaning folk to write something about cooking, as you know it's something I really enjoy and something I like to inflict on others. 

With that in mind I've bowed to public pressure and started a simple blog of stuff I've done in the kitchen, how I did it and how it turned out. I'm planning to point to interesting stuff both on the web and in the real world, and my excited thoughts generated by some of the mountain of cookbooks I get through in a year. There's a smallish amount of content at the moment, it's early days and I'm still seeking opinions, (including yours, yes, you!) but I'll endeavour to stock it up over the coming months. 

I hope it doesn't come across as instructional, I don't have the skills and anyway I'd like it to be a communal effort to share stuff so if you've your own recipes and thoughts you're prepared to share just send 'em over and I'll add them to the mix. 

Have a look here (click-on-the-pic)

and if you like what you see click the follow button or keep an eye on Twitter or Facebook for updates. And do share your culinary calamities, cogitation and celebrations. 

Thanks, Steve

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