Monday, August 21, 2006

Enjoyed my first game of golf with my daughter, we played 9 holes at a local pay'n'play. She has a natural swing, loads of power, and her dad's capacity for boredom. a nice way to kick off a monday morning.

I've finally finished producing a dvd for charlie and her class to celebrate the end of her junior school years, there's a lo-res version here if anyone is interested, much as I enjoy producing a video I must say that it's an incredibly
labour intesive, (and intense), exercise. There's a Hi res versions available and I'm bookable for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

My new Garmin Edge arrived today so i'll be able to tell how close to imminent catastrophe i am as bike around the gorse of surrey. keep you posted, (BTW my old gps system is available on ebay, feel free to bid, search for garmin foretrex 101, push the price up and there's a drink in it for you !


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