Friday, August 25, 2006

A fine start to the day

A lovely day here in Surrey and as I stopped at the red traffic lights I was thinking to myself how pleasant it is to be sitting in the sunlight. It was probably a nice day for the young lady in the shiny red Alfa Romeo, lost in a sun-kissed reverie as she drove distractedly into the back of the Jeep, converting her numberplate and a chunk of luscious red bumper into shiny plastic chaff with the aid of the Jeeps industrial towbar. I was struck by the gradual transition from initial shaken up, tearful, immensely apologetic, "all my fault", lass who,as the adrenaline wore off started to look for reasons why it wasn't her fault, sunlight, lights out of synch, "that second light is usually green".
On the upside she's certainly disproved many of the assumptions that less enlightened men than I might have had about the quality of women drivers.


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