Saturday, October 07, 2006

Apologies and explanation

I've been a bit busy for the past week, obviously the crippling effect a full blown man-cold is devastating but (whilst struggling manfully through the pain) I've been trying to clear the decks before our honeymoon. Yes folks you read it right, after nearly six (blissful) years of marriage Mrs Stuffy and I have finally agreed that we should take a little time out and consumate the relationship.

We married in the week before Christmas 2000 and haven't, apart from the occasional weekend, had a break on our own since then, so as a 50th birthday treat to each other we're buggering off for a week or so to the Indian ocean. Here's a live webcam image from our tropical resort,

if you look closely you can see us waving in the bottom left hand corner, love and hugs to all.

Talk with you shortly.


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