Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deep Diving

Here's the postcard that I would have sent you all from the Maldives if I sent postcards

I've included a selection of the various fishes I swam with over the week, there were tons of tropical fish, sharks, turtles, incredible shoals of eagle rays and barracuda (which apart from moray eels are the truly scary things). I was chuckling early in the week about a Russian chap I overheard who got a $900 bill over and above his all-inclusive deal. I then chortled off, signed up for my PADI Open water conversion course, ( I missed two boat dives in Sardinia last year through rough seas) a deep dive course and a Nitrox ( dive longer, great for hangovers) course. Add a couple of 'a la carte meals' in the speciality restaurants and I found myself looking for a Russian translation for "sorry I laughed". It's "огорченно я смеялся над" by the way

It's an amazing place the Maldives, everybody was charming and hospitable, it's real 'taste of paradise' tropical island stuff and this was the first holiday ever that Mrs Stuffy and I have enjoyed 'sans kids'.
I commend it to anyone looking for a really special wind-down break or anyone enjoying (as we were), their honeymoon after 6 years of 'not quite getting around to it'. And for those of us who get restless after 38 minutes sitting on the beach it really does have the most amazing dive sites and a good dive school with some really nice people.

The island we were on is at by the way, tell them I sent you...


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