Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dirty Dancing - A review

Due to some logistical short-sightedness we'd a pair of tickets last night for the stage show of Dirty Dancing at the Aldwych.

We arrived at the theatre at 7:30 with barely a couple of hours sleep between us in the previous thirty, which is probably not ideal preparation for sitting, tired, irritable and restless surrounding by a throng of middle-aged matrons wolf-whisting and squealing like schoolgirls on helium every time the male lead took his shirt off.
Judging by the number of times he did take his shirt off I'm assuming it was his way of gaining thinking time whenever he forgot his lines.

If you're one of the record number of people who have bought tickets for this show, and you enjoy good singing, fine choreography, great acting and polished performances I'd suggest getting those tickets on ebay immediately and trying to recover your investment. If however you like to see actors and dancers outperformed by the machinery that moves the sets around I trust you'll enjoy the show.


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